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Warm water therapy that’s easy to install, plugs directly into a standard outlet

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No water or steam required, infrared saunas provide a healthy sweat without extreme heat. 

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About Hot Tubs & Saunas

Unwind in your own hot tub, swim spa or home sauna. You’ll save big on plug and play hot tubs, infrared saunas and swim spa hot tubs. Plus, get all the hot tub accessories you need to maintain maximum comfort levels. You’ll also need to stock up on hot tub chemicals to keep it clean so it will last longer and keep you in good health.

Hot Tubs
You’ll want to keep your hot tub water sparkling clean. A simple and easy way to maintain a clean hot tub is to invest in a hot tub cover. It protects the water from debris, and it will help maintain water temps so you save on heating costs. Hot tub cover lifters make it easy. Add some hot tub furniture to make your spa space your own. Spa steps, stools or benches can make a difference. No worries, you'll find all the hot tub parts you need for optimal hot tub soaking. 
From hot-tub-cover stands to hot tub filters, we have all the hot tub accessories you need. Test the water for pH and alkaline levels and treat with hot tub chemicals. Keep the water flowing so it passes through the filter often. Drain and clean every few months, or as needed.

Home Saunas
Take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, relax in the heat and privacy of your own home in an infrared sauna. Carbon infrared saunas provide even heat distribution throughout the whole sauna. Ceramic infrared saunas have a lower upfront cost and heat up quicker than carbon heaters. You have options when it comes to home saunas. Outdoor saunas make a stylish addition to your patio or deck. Enhance the experience with sauna accessories for your added support and comfort. Enjoy the freedom of a portable sauna, you can move it where you need it. 

Before you buy, decide where you will put your outdoor hot tub or home sauna. Decks and patios are ideal, but any solid, level surface can work. Be sure to consider its weight, filled with water. Also, think about the direction you will face when sitting in your hot tub or outdoor sauna. You’ll want to enjoy the view or a lovely evening sunset.