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On all riding and zero turn mowers over $2000

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Free standard delivery on all riding and zero turn mowers over $2000
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Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors

If your lawn is a half-acre or larger, you may have thought about trading in your push mower for a lawn tractor. Cub Cadet is one of the fastest-growing names in grass cutters, making yard care simple with dozens of models to choose from. 
Feel the Power 

One of your first considerations when picking Cub Cadets is the transmission style you’ll need to get the job done. Much like your car, an automatic transmission riding mower gives you control with a gas pedal. Manual transmissions give you incremental control. The CC30, for example, is a six-speed rear-engine riding mower. A hydrostatic lawn mower, it is smoother because it uses fluid instead of belts. As a result, there is less wear and tear. 
Know Your Terrain 

Most Cub Cadet engines are pro-grade, and will have enough power to handle most tough lawn maintenance. An entry-level Cub Cadet mower, such as the XT1 LT42, has a 42-inch cutting deck. It would do the trick for a yard of about an acre. Look for more torque if your lawn has hillier terrain. If your lawn has obstacles such as fallen trees, you’ll need a smaller turning radius. And if you’re a tech head, the XT Enduro Series offers a Bluetooth phone app to monitor your progress. 
A Cub Cadet zero-turn rider won’t have many of the bells and whistles of a larger tractor, but it has speed on its side. Plus, it’s effective for open spaces. Here are some tips for finding the right riding mower for your lawn.

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