Patio Umbrellas

What Size
Umbrella Do You Need?

Your umbrella should extend over the dining table by at least two feet on each side

Patio Umbrellas by Style

Umbrella Stands
& Bases

Make sure to get an umbrellas stand and base to keep your umbrella upright. 

Larger umbrellas call for heavier umbrella bases.

Shade & Outdoor Structures

Take Cover Under Your New Patio Umbrella

Enjoy sunny days in the shade under your new patio umbrella. You’ll spend more time in the fresh air if you have the right outdoor umbrella. Even if it rains, you can keep your backyard barbeque on. You don’t need a patio to have a sun umbrella, get one for your apartment, condominium balcony, or summer home terraces. You can even take it out when you tailgate! Take some shade why you dry under a pool umbrella. Set up dinner out under the new umbrella out on the deck. If you need shade or protection from the rain, a patio umbrella is a great solution.

Make your new outdoor umbrella last by investing in a durable, long-lasting Sunbrella umbrella. If you're looking for a simple solution, consider a market umbrella, upright patio umbrellas with a straight pole at the center. A cantilever umbrella is a sturdy solution, with a curved pole that sits off to the side.

Don’t forget. Umbrella stands and umbrella bases come separately. You’ll need them to keep your umbrella from flying away in the wind.