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Pool Lights

To safely enjoy your pool after dark, you’ll need the right lights. Options include colored, floating and solar-powered pool lighting. With this variety, you can create just the glow you want. 

Choose Your Installation Method 

Pool lights are simple to mount with a bracket on above-ground pools. Or skip the installation work and use floating models. Underwater lights clamp on the side of a metal or soft frame. They won’t require draining the pool, drilling into the side or tying up the return line. Power sources range from electric and battery-operated to solar- and hydro-powered LED and halogen bulbs. 
Solar lights call for a separate panel and mounting hardware. Electric designs come with a cord and voltage transformer. Free yourself from wires and outlets by using the water flowing into your pool to power the lights. The hydro-powered pool light by Blue Wave fits right into the return line without blocking the flow of water.

Add Some Flair 

Pool lights come in vivid colors, as well as white, and fountain varieties, too. Color-changing pool lights use remote or manual controls to transform hues. Impress your guests with a multicolored fountain light that puts on a dazzling water display. If you want a more subdued backyard look, try floating solar lanterns, available in pink, green and blue.

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