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Pool Brushes

Keep your pool sparkling all season long when you use a pool brush to scrape grime and algae off of surfaces. Pool sweepers come in many styles, including models that stick to any surface you’re cleaning like a magnet. You can also find 360-degree bristles that are perfect for reaching tight spaces. 

Pool Scrubber Features 

There are brushes for any surface, from vinyl and fiberglass to plaster, pebble and concrete. Many cleaners are safe to use on any type of liner, but some are too harsh, especially when it comes to cleaning vinyl and fiberglass. To make sure these more delicate liners stay intact, look for a sweeper that has rounded edges, a bumper or a curved design with mar-proof end caps. 
For the most long-lasting swimming pool brushes, opt for materials like plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Sizes range from five inches for hard-to-reach places to extra-wide 36-inch options. As for bristles, some provide more scrubbing power than others. Nylon and stainless steel combos offer more heavy-duty cleaning than poly, which can be used on vinyl pools. Most pool scrubbers fit into a standard pole. 
Pro Pool Tips 

Pool maintenance requires constant care. Besides keeping it clean with equipment like brushes, skimmers and vacuums, you also need to pump, filter and treat the water. Keeping your pool balanced is the easiest way to avoid algae growth. For more tips, check out our cleaners and accessories buying guide.

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