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Find the Best Pool Pole for Your Needs

Every pool owner needs a set of basic maintenance tools, and one of the most vital is a pool pole. These multi-use rods allow you to clean the water quickly and easily while attaching to extension parts such as skimmers, vacuums, brushes and more. 
Pool Brush Pole Basics 

Cleaning poles are made of strong but lightweight materials that last for years and make them easy to handle, including fiberglass and aluminum. Anodized options reduce rust and corrosion. External-locking cam-and-sleeve systems on telescopic poles have two or three sections that fit inside each other, which lets you store them in compact spaces and extend the reach to pick up debris at the bottom of the pool. 
Swimming pool poles adjust anywhere from four to 16 feet. They also have hand grips that provide a comfortable, firm hold. Most rods have a standard end that fits on nearly any piece of equipment—skim the surface to get rid of leaves with a pool rake or hook up a hose to your vacuum unit to suck dirty water into the filter. 
Maintain Your Pool 

Stock up on supplies and give your pool regular attention so you can enjoy it at its best. You should perform routine care that includes circulating the water with a pump, filtering and cleaning the pool as well as treating it by balancing, sanitizing and shocking. For more maintenance tips, see our helpful cleaners and accessories guide.

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