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Smart Smoke Detector

A reliable home smoke detector can signal danger and even save your life. Today’s smart fire alarms have voice warnings, offer the latest in sensor tech, and are easy to use with your phone or tablet. 

Smart Smoke Detector Features 

Compare models to find the best smoke detector for you. Some are hard-wired and others use batteries. The split-spectrum sensor by Nest protects against slow- and fast-burning fires and carbon monoxide. It can test itself and alert your phone using Wi-Fi. Kidde alarms connect to create a safety network that broadcast alerts in unison, and they work with the Wink Hub and app. To learn more about detector types and how to use them, check out our buying guide
Fire Detector Tips 

It’s a good idea to place smart smoke alarms on every floor of your home. Make sure there’s one in every bedroom, and don’t forget the basement. Place them away from areas prone to drafts, heat or steam. Test your detectors once a month, and replace batteries two times per year. Experts recommend buying new units every 10 years. 
To install, remove the mounting base. Then, choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the base’s holes, and drill into the ceiling where your unit will go. It should be at least four inches away from the wall. Insert the anchors into the holes and drill in the screws. Finally, tighten them to secure the base and mount the alarm. Check out our step-by-step video for more tips.

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