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How to Choose Finishing Nailers

Finishing nail guns are powerful tools that can handle basic home improvement tasks as well as professional jobs. Use finishing nailers (also known as trim nail guns) to complete flooring and molding projects without one swing of a hammer.
When to Use Finishing Nailers 

Finishing nails
are thicker (15 or 16 gauge) and have a larger head than brad nails, which are used for light trim projects. While they may be more visible than brad nails, finishing nails are strong enough to secure large and heavy pieces of wood. You can cover them with putty to make them less noticeable. 

Use finishing nailers to attach heavy crown molding, affix large baseboards or install a new hardwood floor. You can also use them to put together cabinets and furniture. 

Types to Consider 

Electric. Electric finishing nailers require an extension cord, but they don’t need a compressed air source. These nail guns are excellent for longer jobs. You won’t have to worry about battery power or tank capacity issues.
Pneumatic. Pneumatic finish nailers get their power from compressed air, which allows them to shoot nails accurately at a high speed. They’re lighter than electric finishing nailers and are the most affordable option. However, they do require a compressed air source, which means they may be less portable.
Gas powered. Gas-powered finish nailers use fuel cartridges to operate, which means they don’t need an air hose or an extension cord. The fuel cartridges are an added expense, but they are long-lasting. They allow your nail gun to be completely portable, so they’re great for jobs with a large surface area. 

Keep in mind that you may need another type of nail gun for more delicate trim work or, on the other end of the spectrum, building-grade projects (like fences or decks). For mid-sized wood-working projects and repairs, finishing nail guns are a perfect choice.

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