8 Kid-Friendly Projects for Summertime Fun

Get your kids involved in some fun summertime activities that the whole family can enjoy

Under 2 hours
Child painting a bird house

Keep the kids busy with some fun DIY projects suitable for ages 5 through 12. Each project requires only a few affordable supplies and can be completed in less than a day.

Make a tower garden

Enlist the help of little green thumbs and build a tower container garden. While we chose to plant herbs, let the kids pick what they’d like to care for – each child gets their own level on the tower!

Make a magnetic chalkboard

Encourage your kids to draw on the walls! If your children often extend their artistry beyond the pages of coloring books, they’ll love having their very own magnetic chalkboard. Paint a cabinet face, the side of a toy box, or even part of a wall.

Make duct tape flowers

Sometimes the simplest crafts are the most fun. Keep everyone happy on rainy days by making flowers with just a few rolls of colored duct tape.

Build your own birdhouse

Your feathered friends will be happy with their new homemade house. Hang the birdhouse near a window so you can watch the birds as they come and go.

Set up a backyard ring toss

Bring the fun of a carnival to your backyard with a homemade ring toss game. Paint the posts with chalkboard paint to create an easy scoreboard.

Build a playhouse

While the actual steps of building a playset are too advanced and dangerous for a child to perform, involve them in your preparation. Ask them to help you measure the yard, mark boards at the correct length, or ask them to draw their dream swing set.