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Appliances Tablet Associate Guide


Given the competitive landscape of the appliance retail industry, providing customers with quick and accurate information is crucial to The Home Depot’s success. Appliance tablets will allow associates to extend the showroom beyond the limited floor models to include the online product assortment without having to constantly return to the computer kiosks. Appliance tablets will also give associates the opportunity to provide customers with greater product knowledge to make more informed purchasing decisions (e.g. ratings, reviews, pictures, and videos).

By using the appliance tablets and being readily available on the showroom floor, associates will be able to quickly connect with customers, consult with them on the best appliance to fit their needs, and complete the sale by providing additional info on the great benefits such as price, selection, warranty and credit.

Applications on the Tablet

The following applications are pre-loaded onto the Appliance Tablets. D70 associates should use these tools to support their selling skill and enhance the customer experience.

How to Engage with Customers on the Tablet

*There is also a Knowledge Depot class available for associates to take for additional information on selling skills with Appliance Tablets: Selling with Digital Sign Labels and Tablets (ENGLISH_MMU_00162279, 1). Access the class on the Knowledge Depot portal, or through this link: http://kdlms.homedepot.com/Saba/Web/Cloud.

Selling with Digital Sign Labels & Tablets

Tablet Set-Up & Care

Tablet FAQs

A: Please reach out with any issues to the IT Help Desk (800) 791-2750.
A: If the IT Help Desk recommends a reset of the tablet refer to the Factory Reset and Setup Guide.

A: Our recommendation is that you secure and charge the tablet using the same process you currently use for FIRST phones. If you have concerns with the security of your FIRST phone rack, we would recommend that you secure the tablet in the training room. Storing and charging the tablet should meet the following recommendations: a place near a power source, a flat area, an area away from doors, and available to opening and closing D70 associates without the use of a key.

A: No. Our primary goal is to create an interconnected experience for our appliance customers. Our associates are welcome to use the tablet to review appliance manufacturer websites through HomeDepot.com. Since this is a Home Depot device, the use of this device is limited to the same policies of any computer terminal in the store.

 A: Appliance tablets allow associates to extend the showroom, showcasing THD’s online appliance assortment alongside the physical product. Tablets also allow associates to quickly access more information on product in the showroom (e.g. ratings, reviews, pictures, videos). By accessing this information quicker, associates can assist more customers and increase sales, leads, and HDPP.


• For Table Support: IT Help Desk 1-800-791-2750

• For Online Merchandising Support: Email Jawad Ahmed

For Store Operations Support: Email Store Operations Support

If there are issues with entering or connecting the PIN on a Tablet, the SASM or a DS should use the Factory Reset and Setup Guide.