Rheem EcoSense Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Save space and energy with Rheem EcoSense indoor or outdoor high efficiency Natural or LP tankless gas water heaters. Each model features a digital remote control thermostat that provides continuous hot water.

Rheem EcoSense Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Reduce your monthly energy bills by installing Rheem EcoSense tankless electric water heater, that provide continuous hot water.

Rheem EcoSense Point of Use Water Heater

Save on your monthly energy bills by installing a Rheem EcoSense Point of Use tankless electric water heater, that provides continuous hot water.

Rheem EcoSense Hybrid Water Heater

A Rheem EcoSense 50 gal. Hybrid Heat Pump Water heater is the most efficient electric water heater in its class. The integrated heat pump module removes heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to the water inside the tank. An energy factor of 2.45 reduces operating costs by $329 annually when compared to a standard 50 gal. electric model.      

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Rheem EcoSense Residental Gas Water Heater

High Efficiency condensing power direct vent induced draft Natural gas water heater is a perfect choice when indoor air quality is a concern. 0.82 energy factor exceeds current Energy Star requirements. Natural and LP are available.

Rheem EcoSense Parts and Accessories

Improve your installation with a variety of accessories available from Rheem EcoSense. Custom supply valves simplify water connections. An outdoor recess box conceals and protects outdoor tankless units.