How to Build a Beverage Station

Under 2 hours

Build a convenient and stylish beverage station that will keep your drinks cold and your guests happy

With just a few pieces of lumber and little elbow grease, you can build your own unique beverage station with a galvanized pail to hold chilled drinks. This guide will walk you through process of making this DIY drink holder.



Measure and mark
Measure mark - Build Beverage Station

Measure and mark the frame boards and shelf braces from the three 1 x 2-inch x 8-foot boards, and the three shelves from the 2 x 4-foot plywood board.

See these cut diagrams for reference.  

Homedepot Image
Cut lumber
Cut lumber - Build Beverage Station

• Use a circular saw to cut where you’ve made your marks.
• Smooth any rough ends with a sanding block.

Paint or stain
Paint or stain  - Build Beverage Station

Paint or stain.

Create top shelf frame
Create top shelf frame  - Build Beverage Station

• Stand the two 16-inch frame boards on end and parallel to each other.
• Sandwich the two 14 ½-inch short frame boards between the long boards to create a 16 x 16-inch square frame.
• Secure with brad nailer.

Create leg frames
Create leg frames  - Build Beverage Station

• Lay two legs flat 14 ½ inches apart.
• Using brad nailer, attach one 14 ½-inch shelf brace to the legs 7 ½ inches up from the bottom of the legs to make the bottom shelf.
• Attach the second shelf bracket 17 ½ inches up from the bottom of the legs to make the middle shelf.
• Repeat with the other two legs and shelf braces.

Draw circle on the top shelf
Draw circle top shelf  - Build Beverage Station

• Mark the center of the 16 x 16-inch piece of plywood.
• Hammer a nail into the center mark and tie a string around the nail head on one end and to a pencil on the other end, ensuring that the string when stretched from nail to pencil is 6 inches.
• Draw a circle, keeping string tight.
• You should have drawn a 12-inch diameter circle.

Cut circle
Cut circle - Build Beverage Station

• Using a ½-inch drill bit, drill one hole inside the edge of the circle.
• Cut the circle out around the edge with a reciprocator saw.

Attach leg frames
Attach leg frames  - Build Beverage Station

• Place the top shelf frame on a flat surface and insert the leg frames upside down into the frame with shelf braces facing inward.
• Keep legs flush with the corners and the top of the frame.
• Secure with a brad nailer.

Attach shelves
Attach shelves  - Build Beverage Station

• Double-check that the legs are secure.
• Turn the project over and lay one 14 ½ x 13-inch section on top of the bottom shelf braces and secure with brad nailer.
• Repeat with the other 14 ½ x 13-inch piece for middle shelf.

Tip: Attach bottom shelf first, then middle shelf.

Attach top piece
Attach top piece  - Build Beverage Station

Place the 16 x 16-inch piece on top of shelf frame and secure with brad nailer.

Tip: Use a stainable or paintable wood putty to fill in screw heads and touch up after attaching all parts.

Insert pail
Insert pail  - Build Beverage Station

Insert the galvanized pail into the hollow circle.