Commercial Floor Care

Effective Floor Maintenance tips

Sustain your commercial surface flooring, maintain safety, and step up appearance with help from The Home Depot Pro.

Floor Care Tips by Type

Regular Maintenance
Things to Avoid


  • Sweep and vacuum* regularly
  • Dust mop frequently
  • Use neutral floor cleaners
  • Microfiber mops work best
  • Wet mopping
  • Soapy solutions
  • Wax and sealer
  • Abrasive cleaners


  • Sweep and vacuum* regularly
  • Clean with a damp mop
  • Use neutral floor cleaners
  • Solvent-based cleaners
  • Hot water
  • Alkaline cleaners
  • Denting dangers

Ceramic & Porcelain

  • Mop with a mild cleaner
  • Sweep and vacuum* as needed
  • Clean grout with a brush
  • Dry wet tiles to avoid spotting
  • Seal ceramic
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Acidic cleaners
  • Water spotting

Natural Stone & Brick

  • Seal regularly
  • Clean concrete with heavy-duty surface cleaners
  • Acidic cleaners
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Alkaline cleaners


  • Sweep and vacuum* regularly
  • Use solvent-based cleaners
  • Dust mop frequently
  • Microfiber mops work best
  • Water and steam
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Soap-based cleaners

*Do not clean with vacuums that use beater bars or power rotary brush heads.Only use chemical strippers that are appropriate for your floor type. Put safety first. Clean up all spills immediately.

Appearance & Longevity

Maintenance costs less than repairs. Floors are no exception.

Daily Maintenance Steps

  • Clear hard surface floors with durable brooms
  • Sweep all floor mats with light-duty brooms
  • Vacuum high-traffic areas with large-area sweepers
  • Mop hard surface floors with premium wet mops
  • Remove excess dust with microfiber dust mops

Daily Maintenance Tips

  • High-visibility sweeping compounds help ensure thorough cleanings
  • Large-area sweepers easily transition from hard floors to carpets
  • Proper cleaning chemicals extend the life of flooring
  • Neutral floor cleaners clean without harmful chemicals
  • Dust mop treatments help grab dust and maximize efficiency

Interim & Preventative Maintenance

  • Scrub floors weekly with automatic scrubbers
  • Clear debris from entrances and walkways to keep floors cleaner
  • Position weather-resistant mats outside and inside entrances
  • Buff, polish or burnish floors with a floor machine or high-speed burnisher and spray buff to remove scuffs and restore gloss on finished floors

Restorative Maintenance

  • Strip and recoat wax or finish every four to six months
  • Use low-speed floor machines with a stripping pads to apply strippers
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove stripping slurry
  • Apply five to six coats of floor finish with a finish mop
  • Allow at least 30 minutes of dry time between applications

Winter Floor Care

Winter Weather Prep

  • Clean and refinish hard floors before the first snow
  • Deep clean carpets to remove and help limit dust
  • Place extra weather-resistant mats outside and inside entrances
  • Manufacturers recommend 15 feet of matting at entrances

Winter Maintenance Tips

  • Double down on daily maintenance to fight salt, slurry and moistur
  • Clean entrance mats with a wet vac and winter ice melt neutralizer
  • Change neutralizing mop solutions more frequently on harsher days
  • Flush ice melt residue from cleaning equipment regularly

Post-Winter Floor Care

  • Bring in extra entrance mats and clean before storage
  • Wipe down wet floor signage to remove salt and ice melts
  • Thoroughly sweep and clean floors to remove debris and ice melts
  • Run restorative maintenance steps for stripping and recoating floors

Health & Safety

Promote Health

  • Fight germs with microfiber cloths
  • Reduce irritants with neutral cleaners
  • Limit dust with better air filters

Prioritize Safety

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Set out wet floor signs promptly
  • Stock at least 2 wet floor signs per entrance

Protect Staff

  • Store chemicals in a well-ventilated area
  • Keep track of stocked cleaning chemicals
  • Maintain chemical material safety data sheets

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