DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Under 2 hours

Build a personalized holiday centerpiece

For a touch of personality at the dinner table this holiday season, build your own simple DIY centerpiece! Using just a few pieces of lumber, this project allows you to quickly put together a unique focal point for your holiday parties.




Measure and mark
holiday centerpiece

On the 1 x 6-inch x 8-foot common board, measure and mark three 24-inch segments and two 4 ¾-inch ends.

centerpiece diagram
cut the board
holiday centerpiece

Cut along the marks you just made using a circular saw. 

Tip: Smooth any rough ends with sandpaper or a sander.

assemble the boards
holiday centerpiece

• Stand one 24-inch wall segment perpendicular and flush along the long edge of another 24-inch base segment. 
• Using an 18-gauge brad nailer and 2-inch brad nails, nail through the outside of the wall segment into base segment with several nails along the length of the wall segment. 
• Repeat on the other side.

attach the base
holiday centerpiece

• Place one of the 4 ¾-inch end segments between the two walls and on top of the base. 
• Using the 2-inch brad nails, nail through the wall segments into the end segments on both sides. 
• Turn the box over and nail through the base into the wall and end segments to secure.

Paint or stain
holiday centerpiece

• Paint or stain the centerpiece. 
• Once dry, fill with decorative holiday items for a festive look! Try holly, greenery, lights, candles, ornaments, small decorative wrapped gifts, or even figurines of your favorite holiday characters.

Safety: If using real, flame-lit candles in your centerpiece, keep them safely out of distance of anything flammable.