How to Build a Holiday Magazine Display Box

Display magazines in a simple DIY holiday magazine holder

Under 2 hours

Build a festive, seasonal display box with this step-by-step guide. Display holiday magazines, cards and other mementos with this DIY project.

What You Need

Measure and mark
Measure and mark

Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the wood according to the cut list. Ignore the flames for now.

From the three 36-inch balusters:

• One 36-inch long baluster (left uncut)
• One 32-inch medium baluster 
• One 28-inch short baluster

From the 2- x 2-foot x 1/2-inch plywood:

• Two 17 1/2- x 6-inch pieces; one base and one front
• Two 8- x 6- x 3 1/2-inch side pieces

From the 1- x 6-inch x 8-foot common board:

• One 30-inch long candle
• One 26-inch medium candle
• One 22-inch short candle
• Three flame shapes

Cut diagram

Use a circular saw to make the baluster cuts and the straight cuts on the plywood and common board. 

Tip: Use a sanding sponge to smooth any rough edges.

Draw and cut flame shapes
Draw and cut flame shapes

• Divide the remaining scrap from the common board evenly into 3 sections. 
• Draw a teardrop/flame shape with a pencil on the board and cut with a jig saw. 
• Use the cut piece to trace two more times onto the wood to get 3 identical flame shapes.

Stain/paint boards
Staint/paint boards

Stain/paint boards prior to assembly if desired.• Stain/paint boards prior to assembly if desired.

Attach balusters to base
Attach balusters to base

• Place the longest baluster centered on plywood base so that it’s flush to one of the longer sides. 
• Secure with wood screw through the plywood. 
• Place remaining balusters on either side two inches away from each edge. 
• Secure with wood screws through the bottom of the plywood base.

Attach candle faces
attach candle faces

• Stand each candle on the front of each corresponding baluster so that they’re flush to the plywood base (longest candle on the center baluster, medium on the next shortest, and small on the shortest). 
• Secure with brad nails through candles.

Build the box
build the box

• Lay assembly on its side and position the front of the box so it’s flush to the plywood base and parallel to the candles. 
• Secure with brad nails through the plywood base.
• Insert side pieces to complete box so that they’re flush to each edge with the short side facing forward. 
• Secure with brad nails through the front of the box, the bottom of the box, and through the back of candles.

Attach flames
Attach flames

• Lay assembly on its back and position flames so that there’s roughly two inches of “wick” showing. 
• Secure with brad nails through the flames.