Christmas Tree Holiday Pallet Decoration

Under 2 hours

Want a quick and easy DIY decoration to welcome in the holiday season? Build a pallet and decorate it with Christmas ornaments. Hang this pallet on the front entrance to your home, on your front porch, or even above the mantle.




measure and mark
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Measure and mark out the lumber as follows:

• Three 48-inch sections from the 1 x 8-inch x 12-foot common board 
• Two 48-inch sections from the 1 x 6-inch x 8-foot common board 
• Two 30-inch sections from the 1 x 4-inch x 6-foot common board

rustic wheelbarrow cut diagram
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Using a circular saw, cut along all the marks you just made. 

Tip: Smooth rough edging with a sanding sponge.    

Assemble the boards
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• Lay all five of the 48-inch boards flat on a table, alternating between the 8-inch and 6-inch wide boards. 
• Leave a ¼-inch gap between all of the boards. 

Tip: To help keep spacing even between the five boards, use two paint sticks side by side between each board to give a uniform gap. (2 paint sticks = ¼ inches)

attach bracing
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• Center one 30-inch board horizontally across the five 48-inch boards about 3 ½ inches down from the top, and secure using two wood screws in each board. 
• Repeat on the bottom with the remaining 30-inch board.

paint or stain
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Paint or stain the board as desired. Go with a modern look, like we did in these pictures, or personalize your project with a pattern or image special to your family.

attach ornaments
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Use a glue gun to glue your ornaments in a fun holiday shape. Try a Christmas tree shape over a solid colored background, a holiday word, or just a random pattern. 

Safety: When working with a glue gun, take care not to get your fingers anywhere near the glue gun tip or the hot glue.