Make a DIY Football Toss

Under 2 hours

Bring some DIY fun to any tailgating party

Cheer on the home team with this one-of-a-kind football toss game you can make as a quick and easy DIY. This guide will walk you step-by-step through the building process.


Measure and mark
Measure mark - DIY Football Toss

Measure and mark the below cut list on your boards:

On one 1 x 4-inch x 12-foot board:
• 3 leg pieces: each 1 x 4-inch x 4-foot

On the second 1 x 4-inch x 12-foot board:
• 1 leg piece: 1 x 4-inch x 4-foot
• 4 brace pieces: each 1 x 4-inch x 2-foot

On the 2 x 4-foot plywood board:
• 1 front piece: 1 x 3-foot

Football toss cut diagram
Cut - DIY Football Toss

• Using the circular saw, cut the legs and braces from the two 2 x 4-inch x 12-foot boards, and the front panel from the plywood board.
• Smooth any rough ends with a sanding sponge.

Assemble the frame
Assemble frame - DIY Football Toss

• Lay two of the legs flat, two feet apart.
• Lay two braces on top of the legs, one flush with the top of the legs, and one three feet below the top.
• Using a drill and 1 ¼-inch screws, secure each brace.

Tip: Pre-drill holes using a 1/8-inch drill bit before using the screws to avoid splitting the wood.

Measure the front panel
Measure front panel - DIY Football Toss

• Looking at the plywood piece vertically, mark nine inches down from the top and nine inches up from the bottom.
• Measure to ensure that these marks are in the center of the board.

Mark the two circles
Mark two circles - DIY Football Toss

• Nail a nail into the centered bottom mark.
• Tie one end of a string around the nail head, and one end around the pencil so that the string measures six inches from nail to pencil when pulled taut.
• Draw a circle keeping the string tight.
• This should make a 12-inch diameter circle.
• Using the centered top mark, repeat the process, ensuring that the string when stretched from nail to pencil is four inches.
• You should now have an 8-inch diameter circle.

Drill holes
Drill holes - DIY Football Toss

• Using a ½-inch drill bit, pre-drill one hole inside the edge of both circles.
• Cut both circles out with the reciprocating saw.

Attach the front panel
Attach front panel - DIY Football Toss

• Take a built frame and place the 2 x 3-foot front panel between the braces, making sure it lines up flush with the top of the legs.
• Using two ¼-inch wood screws, attach the front panel to the frame.

Tip: Pre-drill holes using a 1/8-inch drill bit to prevent the wood from splintering.

Attach hinges
Attach hinges - DIY Football Toss

• Lay both frames back to back with plywood and braces facing outward.
• Drill the hinges to the top side of each frame.

Paint or stain
Paint or stain - DIY Football Toss

Personalize your new backyard game by painting or staining with a design of your choice!