How to Make a Spiral Garden

Create a unique spiral planter using brick pavers

Spiral garden

A spiral garden is a versatile and practical solution for urban and hobbyist gardeners alike to maximize space. Gravity allows water to drain freely from the top of the spiral and seep to all layers, creating microclimates. A dry zone at the top and moist area at the bottom gives you many options when choosing plants. We planted tulips at the top of our spiral as they require very little water.

The Rumblestone brick pavers allow for customization of your spiral garden. Experiment with the height of the outer wall and your spiral walls. Taller walls can create an additional shaded microclimate.

Instead of planting flowers as we did, you might consider planting an herb spiral garden. Keep in mind the zones of your spiral garden to help your plants stay their healthiest.

What You Need

build the outer wall
Spiral Garden

• Lay out the Rumblestone outer wall as shown in your Rumblestone booklet in your chosen location. We designed our structure with a repeating pattern of one large brick followed by two small bricks. 
• Our 106-inch diameter wall sits low at seven inches tall, making the project more about the flowers and less about the structure. 
• Ensure your structure is level, adding soil under the bricks and packing down as needed. You should also backfill with soil around the outside wall to add support to the structure.

Tip: You can customize your spiral garden however you’d like. Experiment with different heights and patterns to find the perfect spiral garden for you.

fill the circle and tamp
Spiral garden

• Fill in the entire circle with soil. 
• Pack down with the tamper.

design the spiral
Create a Spiral Garden

• Place small Rumblestone pavers on the inside of the flags to help support the dirt. These will also help you when pouring the dirt.
• Create a spiral pattern with the flags, starting at the center of your circle and working your way out. You might need to make some adjustments to your spiral to make it even.

create the spiral with soil
Create a Spiral Garden

Pour soil along the inside of the flags, making sure that the spiral rises up gradually as you move toward the center of the circle.

tamp the soil
Create a Spiral Garden

Tamp the soil along the spiral.

lay the bricks along the spiral
Create a Spiral Garden

• Lay the Rumblestone bricks on top of the spiral in the same pattern as your outer structure. 
• Add soil under the bricks to level as needed. 
• You can also use a rubber mallet to adjust and level the bricks. 

Tip: Backfill the edges somewhat to give support.

plant the flowers
Create a Spiral Garden

Add more soil and plant your flowering plants. We used dark flowers at the bottom of the spiral then gradually added lighter flowers with a bright pink centerpiece.

Tip: To emphasize the unique nature of this planter, try planting flowers of alternating colors or planting a mixture of flowering and non-flowering plants.

add mulch
Create a Spiral Garden

Put your choice of mulch around the plants, adding contrast to the flowers.

lay the pebbles
Create a spiral garden

Add river rock to the edges of the spiral to create a whimsical cascading effect. 

Tip: Add different sizes and shades of river rock for different effects. The contrast adds the finishing touches for our project, making the flowers pop.