How to Make a Cupcake Stand

Display your cupcakes in style with this DIY cupcake tier

Under 2 hours

You put so much effort into making delicious treats from scratch, so why not make a unique DIY cupcake stand to show them off? This simple cupcake tier ensures that every dessert gets its fair share of attention before your friends and family dive in.


Measure and Mark
Cupcake Stand - Step 1

• Measure and mark four 8 ½ x 2-inch sections on the 1 x 2-inch x 8-foot common board.
• Measure and mark one inch from the bottom of the 8-inch side of each corbel.

draw circles
Cupcake Stand - Step 2

• Insert one screw halfway into the 2 x 4-foot x ½-inch plywood six inches from each edge of the board.
• Wrap a five-inch string with one end tied around the screw head and the other end tied around and draw a 10-inch diameter circle. 
• Repeat two more times (moving the center of the circle so that it is clear of the previous circle), lengthening the string to six inches and then seven inches.

Tip: Use a ball bearing drawing compass with a pencil to measure the circular cut marks.

make cuts
Cupcake Stand - Step 3

• Using a circular saw and clamps, cut the common board along your marks. This will create four 8 ½ x 2-inch pieces.
• Use a jigsaw to cut each corbel and along the outlines of the circles. You should now have four 6 x 7-inch corbels, along with a 10-, 12- and 14-inch diameter circle.
• Use a sanding sponge to smooth any rough edges.

paint or stain
Cupcake Stand - Step 4

Paint or stain all cut pieces prior to assembly.

create corbel supports
Cupcake Stand - Step 5

• Line up and use wood glue to attach two corbels back to back. 
• Place a 8 ½ x 2-inch support board flat against the sides of the two secured corbels and aligned with the top edge of the widest end. 
• Secure with brad nailer and nails. 
• Repeat on opposite side of the corbel pair. 
• Repeat above steps with remaining two corbels so that there are two corbel supports.

assemble stand
Cupcake Stand - Step 6

• Center one corbel support on its narrowest end onto the 14 inch plywood circle and attach using a drill and wood screws through the bottom of the circle. 
• Repeat using the second corbel support and the 12-inch plywood circle. 

Tip: Use a countersink bit to ensure that the screw head is flush with the plywood.

add second layer
Cupcake Stand - Step 7

• Flip the 14-inch circle and its attached support so that the circle is on the table. 
• Center the 12-inch circle and its attached support on top of the first layer and attach with the brad nailer and nails.

attach final layer
Cupcake Stand - Step 8

Center the 10-inch plywood circle on top of the structure and attach.

Tip: Patch holes left from brad nailer with optional wood filler and touch up paint or stain.