How to Make a Witch Hat Door Hanger

This bewitching accent is the perfect complement to your Halloween decor

Under 2 hours
Two wooden witches hats hanging on a front door among assorted Halloween decor.

Every harvest and Halloween display needs a personal touch, and this enchanting witch hat door hanger is just what witch doctor ordered. See below for guided instructions on how to make your own this season.

What You Need



  • Jigsaw 
  • Drill 
  • Hammer 
  • Tape measure 
  • Clamps 
  • Pencil 
  • Safety glasses 
  • Sanding sponge
  • One 15/32- inch x 2- x 2- foot sanded plywood 
  • One pack ¾-inch wood screws 
  • One pack sawtooth hangers

Cut List:

  • Two 18- x 8-inch triangle pieces (hat) 
  • Two 12- x 2-inch trapezoid pieces (brim)

Cut Diagrams:

  • Cut the following pieces out of the 2- x 2-foot sanded plywood.
Cut diagram showing two 18- x 8-inch triangles, two 12- x 2-inch hat brim trapezoid shapes.
Measure and Mark
Someone marking a piece of lumber at 2 1/2 inches according to a measuring tape.

• Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the plywood according to the cut list. 
• For the brim piece measure 2 1/2 inches down each end and make a mark. 
• Connect the mark to the opposite corner as shown (see diagram).

Man using a jigsaw to cut triangle shapes in plywood.

• Use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes on the plywood. 
• For the brim piece, start with a rectangle then use a jigsaw to cut the corner pieces and finish the shape. 

Tip: Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

Stain or Paint the Boards
Man painting the boards black.

Stain or paint the boards prior to assembly, if desired.

Build the Hat
Man drilling the brim piece and hat piece together.

• Place the brim so the shorter side is facing up. 
• Center the hat piece on top of the brim so that the bottoms are flush. 
• Attach with wood screws through back into the brim piece.

Attach the Hardware
Man hammering a sawtooth hanger onto the back of the project.

• On the back side of the hat, nail the sawtooth hanger, centered, towards the top of the point. 
• Hang and enjoy.