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Let a Chandelier Brighten Your Space

When it comes to lighting, chandeliers can add elegance and class to any space. They’re not just for formal sitting or dining rooms anymore. Installing a chandelier in your home is an easy, inexpensive way to bring a feeling of elegance and sophistication into your living area.

Chandelier Styles
These days, the classic dining room chandelier has a lot of company. Chandeliers can uplift the style and dynamics of any room. A classic chandelier with crystals can look just as good in your foyer or bedroom as it would in your dining room. Get a modern chandelier to match your home decor or go with a rustic chandelier to create a natural aesthetic. Industrial chandeliers combine a modern look with an industrial design. Try hanging one in your loft space. It'll go great with exposed bricks and high ceilings. Unique and eye-catching, get the authentic look of a natural antler chandelier or a farmhouse chandelier. Designed in French Country style, cottage chandeliers feature a simple and elegant look, while transitional chandeliers complement a range of decor from traditional to contemporary. Your style sets the rules.

Chandeliers By Finish & Design
You have so many colors to choose from. Try a brass or bronze chandelier for an elegant look. Or go for a more modern feel with a nickel, chrome or black chandelier. A chandelier is like a piece of jewelry you can illuminate and elevate any space. Make it interesting. Island chandeliers feature a modern open design and are great for kitchen lighting. Place one over your kitchen island or bar. Candle chandeliers are designed to resemble candles, while cage chandeliers feature a light source surrounded by a metal, wire or wood cage. Drum chandeliers have a center shade that resembles a drum, with a fabric cover that dims the light like a lamp shade. Add a globe chandelier for a touch of geometric design, with clean, spherical lines enclosing lights in the center.

Hang It Yourself or Let Us Do It For You
You’ll also want to get the right size chandelier to fit your space. We carry small, medium and large chandeliers. When it comes time to hanging your chandelier, we can show you how to do it or have a pro do it for you. Use our chandelier buying guide to help you decide.