Make a DIY Grilling Caddy Project Guide

1-2 hours

Easily transport your grilling accessories from the kitchen to your outdoor grill

Make a DIY Grilling Caddy

Build your own DIY toolbox of sorts specially designed to carry all of your grilling accessories. This guide will walk you through the process of turning a common board and dowel into a grilling accessory caddy.


Measure and mark
Measure and mark  - DIY Grilling Caddy

Mark the common boards using these measurements.

For the 1 x 8-inch x 8-foot board:
• 2 end pieces: 10 inches
• 1 bottom piece: 18 inches 

For the 1 x 4-inch x 8-foot board:

Common Board Chart
Make cuts
Make cuts - DIY Grilling Caddy

• Cut along the marks you have made using the circular saw.
• Once cut, take both 10-inch ends and measure 5 ½ inches down the 10-inch side and make a mark.
• From that mark, measure 3 inches towards the center.
• Draw a line connecting the two points.
• Repeat measure on opposite side.
• Cut along your lines to create the “house shaped ends.”
• Cut the dowel down to 18 ½ inches in length.

TIP: Smooth out edges with sanding block

Drill pocket for dowel
Drill pocket dowel - DIY Grilling Caddy

• Drill a hole 1 inch down the center of each side board.
• Do not punch all the way through the boards, only go ¼-inch deep.

Paint or stain
Paint or stain - DIY Grilling Caddy

Paint or stain the box and allow to completely dry.

Assemble the box
Assemble the box - DIY Grilling Caddy

• Take your 8 x 18-inch piece and lay it flat.
• Attach your two “house” ends using the brad nailer to the outside of the 18-inch section.
• Insert the dowel into the drilled pockets on both sides, then secure with nails.
• Lay the box on its side and attach one 19 ½-inch piece.
• Repeat on other side.

Attach box insert
Attach box insert - DIY Grilling Caddy

• Place the 18-inch insert in the box standing on its long end, leaving enough width for storage.
• A 2 ¼-inch gap is recommended.
• Once in position, secure by nailing through each side.

Attach hardware
Attach hardware - DIY Grilling Caddy

Center the bottle opener on the preferred end and attach using the screws provided with the hardware.