5 Ways to Refresh Your Space for
the New Year

It happens to everybody. The holidays fly by in a blur of shopping, wrapping, cooking, hosting and party-going. When January comes knocking, we’re begging for calm, coziness and a retreat from the chaos. We all need a refresh.

Turn the cash from those Christmas returns into invigorating essentials for your home. Here are our favorite ways to give your space a refreshing outlook for the coming year.

Play with Furniture

Rearrange your layout. Set up some conversation areas. Bring new life to a seldom-used nook. Whether you need one piece to round out the space, or a whole new suite that redefines your style, incorporating new furniture is a great way to instantly change any room.

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Style Your Storage

January is the best time to conquer the clutter in your home, leaving you with more room to breathe. If your dressing area is a mess, opt for a new jewelry box. Stow throws and decorative pillows inside baskets of every size. As for the unsightly essentials like remotes and cords, hide them away in small boxes and crates that fit in just fine on the coffee table and in the media console.

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Spring for New Linens

Imagine this: luscious, fluffy towels right after the shower. Soft, warm sheets, silky pillowcases and a plush comforter to curl up in as you drift off. There’s no time like the present to focus on self-care, with quick and easy wins in the bedroom and bathroom. When choosing new linens, opt for fresh colors and lively patterns to brighten your look and bring you joy.

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Clean Up Your Kitchenware

If your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier, save money, or stop ordering out so much for dinner, you’ll need some backup in world of kitchen tools and cookware. A new set of pots and pans (or even just one sharp new knife) will help get you in the kitchen working toward those goals.

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Upgrade Your Small Appliances

This year, invest in gadgets that save time and make your life easier. A new blender will have you set for fresh smoothies and shakes, while a top-of-the-line air fryer can cut out extra calories from deep-fried foods. Try a pressure cooker or slow cooker and have dinner ready for half the effort while you’re busy embracing the “set it and forget it” lifestyle.

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