Commercial Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Choose the Best Commercial Pressure Washer for Your Business

Gas vs. Electric

Gas Pressure Washers




  • More powerful than comparable electric units
  • Smaller models are completely mobile
  • Usually cost less than comparable electric units



  • Much louder than comparable electric units
  • Cannot be used indoors or in enclosed spaces
  • Longer jobs require reserve fuel
Electric Pressure Washers




  • Require less maintenance than gas units
  • Never run out of fuel
  • Can be used indoors or in enclosed spaces



  • Typically cost more than comparable gas units
  • Tethered to electrical outlets

Clean with Cold Water. Clean More with Hot Water.

Cold Water Pressure Washers


  • Strip paint
  • Remove dirt
  • Eliminate mildew
  • Clean sidewalks
  • Refresh surfaces

Hot Water Pressure Washers


  • Clean grease
  • Wash away oils
  • Disinfect surfaces
  • Deice planes
  • Clean freight cars
  • Sanitize equipment

Measure Power in GPM, psi & CU

Measure pressure washer power with GPM and psi. Calculate cleaning units to compare the power of similar equipment.








Medium jobs, including: 

  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Driveways




Heavy jobs, including:

  • Garage floors
  • Engine parts
  • Trash cans




Heaviest jobs, including:  

  • Paint & graffiti removal
  • Grease traps
  • Industrial equipment
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Additional Considerations

Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive Pump


  • Direct drive pumps deliver higher cleaning power and efficiency
  • Belt drive pumps result in less maintenance, quieter usage and longer runtimes

Portable vs. Vehicle Mounted


  • Portable pressure washers are more maneuverable but are typically not as powerful
  • Vehicle-mounted pressure washers typically outperform portable models but cost more

Wands, Nozzles & Hoses


  • Pressure ratings must match your pressure washer's output
  • Attachments should be designated for hot water use (if applicable)
  • Smaller nozzle angles deliver more power but can damage delicate surfaces

Cleaning Chemicals


  • Cleaners and detergents expedite the cleaning process
  • Check your washer and attachments for compatibility before use
Tool Rental

Tool Rental:

Get the job done on schedule with pressure washer rentals.

Commercial vs. Consumer

Commercial Pressure Washers
Commercial Pressure Washers


  • Built to withstand daily use
  • Designed for longer runtimes
  • Intended for heavy-duty applications
  • Use durable metal and polyurethane parts
  • Powered by commercial-grade engines rated for harsh use
Consumer Pressure Washers
Consumer Pressure Washers


  • Built for more occasional use
  • Designed for shorter runtimes
  • Intended only for light-duty use
  • Use plastic components to minimize costs
  • Powered by standard engines that can be damaged by intense use

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