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What Is It?

Tax-Exempt Pros can apply for a Home Depot Tax ID number. Once approved, you can use that number every time you check out – now with the convenience of shopping online. Subject to state and local tax laws.

Not sure if you qualify? Here are some answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. 

If you use a Federal Government Purchase Card that bills directly to a government agency, your tax exempt status is recognized instantly when you make purchases, whether in the store or online.

How Does It Work?


1. Establish your tax exempt status. If you qualify as a tax exempt shopper and already have state or federal tax IDs, register online for a Home Depot tax exempt ID number. All registrations are subject to review and approval based on state and local laws. 

2. Use your Home Depot tax exempt ID at checkout. Once you're approved, shop in our stores or online and simply provide your tax ID at checkout to receive tax exemption on your eligible purchases. 


1. No need to register. If you have a Federal Government Purchase Card, no additional registration is required. 

2. Use your Federal Government Purchase Card at checkout. Swipe your card at checkout in our stores or enter your card number online during checkout. The tax will be removed from your order automatically.

Tax Exempt Purchase Options

Many of our Home Depot Pro customers make purchases that qualify for tax exemption.  If your purchases qualify for exemptions, we’re here to help you. If you have tax exempt status, use our online form to provide your tax exempt information, and we will provide you with a Home Depot Tax ID, allowing you to make tax exempt purchases in our stores.

We support Government workers, too. If you use a Federal Government Purchase Card (or GSA Card), use it at check out and The Home Depot will recognize your tax exemptions automatically.