Solid Surface and Laminate Countertops


Explore Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are a versatile option that can mimic the look of granite, quartz, concrete or glass. Solid surface can also be used for sinks and backsplashes, creating a seamless look. Here are a few more reasons to choose solid surface countertops:

• High heat, impact, and water resistance
• Small nicks can be buffed out or repaired
• Integral sinks available for a seamless transition


Glacier White



Laurel Branch




Tapioca Pearl

Vanilla Sugar

Egg White

Arctic White






Cottage Lane

Warm Soapstone

Serene Sage

Silver Birch

White Jasmine

Desert Sand

Gray Sand

Explore Laminate Countertops

Affordable and stylish counters with decorative edge options available in a striking range of finishes, colors, and patterns. Laminate is also one of the most budget-friendly countertop surfaces and offers other distinct advantages, including: 

• Stain, impact, and heat resistance
• Low maintenance; cleans easily with mild soap and water 
• Pre-fabricated laminate available for do-it-yourself installation

Blackstone Etchings

 Ebony Oxide Matte

Black Matte

White Matte

Mineral Sepia Radiance

Mineral Umber Radiance

Mineral Jet Radiance

Santa Cecilia Gold Etchings

Belmonte Granite Etchings

Perlato Granite Etchings

Giallo Granite Etchigs

Travertine Etchings

Labrador Granite Etchings

Smoke Quarstone Radiance

Brazilian Brown Granite Radiance 

Venetian Gold Granite Radiance

Amber Kashmire Etchings

Kerala Granite Etchings

Midnight Stone Etchings

Natural Canvas Matte

Carrara Envision Matte

Flax Gauze Matte

Butterum Granite Etchings

Jamocha Granite Etchings

Oxidized Beamwood Natural Grain

Salvage Planked Elm Natural Grain

Charcoal Lacquered Linen

Creme Lacquered Linen Gloss