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Fusion Pro Single Component Grout

Fusion Pro® is a professional grade grout that features unsurpassed stain resistance with no sealing required. Its Single Component® formula is ready to use, color consistent and easy to spread and clean. Fusion Pro can be used in commercial and residential environments, interiors and exteriors, and on walls and floors. Its patented formulation can be used on all tiles and has built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection.

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SimpleMat Tile Setting Mat

The quickest, easiest, and cleaning way to install tile on countertops, backsplashes and shower walls. SimpleMat® replaces traditional thin-set mortar or mastic adhesive. SimpleMat retains its bonding strength for extended periods of time, which means users have flexibility to tile onto the mat an hour at a time or over several days. SimpleMat bonds instantly so you can start grouting immediately.

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Grout Color Selector

Grout color has a meaningful impact on the appearance of the finished tile or stone installed in your project. The right color of grout can transform the look of a space, either accenting or blending with the tile. Choose the type of grout that best suits the needs of your project, then view the grout color options. CUSTOM offers the most extensive designer-inspired grout color palette in the industry.

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Step 1: Prep

Surface prep is the critical first step to a durable, lasting tile installation. Our Home Depot virtual associate will guide you to the right CUSTOM products.

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Step 2: Set

Creating a strong bond between tile and the subfloor or wall is the second step to a durable, lasting tile installation. Our Home Depot virtual associate will guide you to the right CUSTOM tile setting product based on the size and type of tile you're installing.

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Step 3: Grout

Grout is important to the beauty of your finished tile project and is the third step.  Our Home Depot virtual associate will guide you to the right CUSTOM grout based on the performance and stain resistance you need.

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Learn About Our Lifetime Warranty

Learn how to select the best tile installation products based on the needs of your project. 

No matter if you are a homeowner doing your own tile project or a pro installing tile on a jobsite, you can eliminate worries by selecting a complete qualifying tile installation system by CUSTOM. Our home Depot virtual associate helps guide you through the three easy steps and qualifying system of products to getting an installation lifetime warranty from CUSTOM.

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Care and Maintenance

Think of care & maintenance as the fourth step to a durable, lasting tile installation.  Let our Home Depot virtual associate help you find the right CUSTOM care products to protect your installation from stains and maintain its lifelong beauty.

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Understanding large Format Tile Installation

Installing large format tile with any side longer than 15” requires a different class of setting material.  Our Home Depot virtual associate will guide you to the CUSTOM products needed to install these large, heavy tiles.

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Learn About Our Premixed Simple Products

If you're looking for the quickest, cleanest and easiest way to install tile, let our Home Depot virtual associate guide you through the complete line of premixed Simple brand products from CUSTOM, designed for ease of use by either pros or DIYers.


Custom Building Products is North America’s largest manufacturer of tile and flooring installation systems for residential and commercial projects. Founded in 1964, the company’s core lines include subfloor preparation solutions for waterproofing and crack prevention, tile setting mortars, grout and tile care products.

Throughout the company’s 50 years in business, its customers have come to rely on CUSTOM for high-quality, performance-driven products, unparalleled service and the best technical support. These are backed by an unmatched Lifetime System Warranty on tile installations when a qualifying system of eligible products are used. We know tile and flooring installation systems. Count on CUSTOM.