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7 Guest Bedroom Tips

Don’t Forget the Little Things
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Traveling can be hectic and you’re almost sure to leave something behind, especially when you’re in a hurry. Provide a few of these miniature or travel-sized items to help put your guests’ minds at ease upon their arrival:

  • Snacks 
  • Bottled water 
  • Shampoo/Conditioner 
  • Deodorant 
  • Spare toothbrush 
  • Mouthwash 
  • Lotion

Consider displaying these items in a decorative way, like a nice wicker basket on a nightstand or dresser that’s easily visible. Attach a welcome message to the basket for an added personal touch that encourages your guests to help themselves to the items.

Update Your Decor
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Whether you’re going for a plush, resort-style feel or a relaxing bungalow getaway, a unique theme can make a big difference in your guests’ experience.

  • Bring in natural elements that brighten up the space like fresh flowers or topiaries.
  • Highlight a collection of decorative sea shells or nautical decor pieces with soft hues of blue and textured throw pillows.
  • Twin beds or a full or queen-sized bed in a simple black finish or wood frame offers both simplicity and versatility.
  • Add a rustic, vintage-inspired wall decor piece for a warm and inviting cottage-style look.

These simple tips can help you create an effortless seaside retreat and take your guest room decor to the next level.

Work is Optional
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Knowing your guests’ needs can extend far beyond decor and comfort. If you know your guests may prefer to catch up on some work during their stay, consider adding a desk to your guest bedroom, too.

  • Be sure to place the desk in a spot that allows convenient access to power outlets for laptops, tablets or other personal devices.
  • Use a small notecard to share your Wi-Fi connection information. This can even be added to the welcome note on the welcome basket idea above.
  • Provide a selection of writing utensils and notepads.
  • Include a desk lamp and an alarm clock for an additional, yet thoughtful touch.
Go for Functional Furniture
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Guest bedroom furniture should be a delicate balance between comfort and functionality. Nightstands and dressers provide ample surface space for glasses, books and cellphones along with drawers for additional storage.

An upholstered sitting chair with a matching ottoman or small coffee table offers a relaxing spot to unwind, and more versatile ottomans that double as storage units can also provide more room for bedding items.

Bet on Comfy Bedding
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How you dress your guests’ bed is another way to showcase your eye for decor, but most importantly, you want your guests to have a good night’s rest. Ultra soft cotton bedding, plush pillows and a soft linen duvet in simple, crisp colors are easy and inexpensive choices. Keep extra bed sheets, linens and blankets handy in a nearby storage basket or closet. The closet can also house extra hangers and pillows.

Keep Them Entertained
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Keep your guests entertained with a book by their favorite author or a popular magazine that highlights their interests. Consider adding a smart TV that allows your guests to watch their favorite shows and movies on demand or even stream content from their own personal devices. Mounting the television to the wall is also a great way to save space. If your budget doesn’t allow for an extra television in the guest room, offer up your home’s common areas to watch television in your welcome note.

Tip: If you work during the day, provide your guests with info on local parks, museums and attractions to check out while you’re gone, or even some restaurant options or night spots to review and visit together when you return.

Guest Bath Essentials
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If your guest bedroom has a separate bath, you’ll want to get it guest ready as well. The welcome basket can be used here again by simply placing it on the bathroom counter and presenting it in a way that ties into the overall decor theme. Remember, comfort is key, so provide plenty of clean towels and maybe even a soft memory foam bath rug. Adding a shower caddy and toothbrush holder are nice touches, too.