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Best Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Ghost projections on a wall

Become the scariest house on the street with just the press of a button! Projectors that display moving images on the inside of windows give the appearance of ghosts, zombies or even waltzing skeletons having the time of their undead lives inside your living room.

If you'd rather project spooky scenery onto the outside of your house rather than the inside, consider projection spotlights that display flying ghosts, bats and even witches. Simply insert the projector into your lawn and point it towards a smooth surface on your home's exterior. This is one of the best Halloween decorations that require minimal prep time. 

Halloween inflatables in a front yard

Large outdoor Halloween inflatables are a simple and impressive way to decorate your yard. Simply plug it in and stake it down and you're ready to go!

Here are some tips for Decorating with Inflatables for Halloween:

  • Determine where each inflatable Halloween decoration will go and measure your available space. To keep your landscape from looking overcrowded, pick inflatables that will fit comfortably in the area without rubbing up against one another or altogether blocking the view.
  • Choose placement carefully. Low-hanging branches can snag and potentially tear the fabric shell of an inflatable. A stiff wind can sometimes cause an inflatable to totter. Double-check that there is enough clearance around the decoration. Make sure there are no breakables or sharp objects nearby.
  • To ensure smooth inflation, position the base of the inflatable where you want it to stand in your landscape. Spread the fabric flat on the ground before inflating to keep it from kinking or snagging while it fills with air. Tightly close any zippers, fasteners or vents to keep air from escaping while in use.
  • Clear potential obstructions at the base. Most inflatables are equipped with an air intake at the bottom. This is a fan that forces air into the fabric shell, so it’s important to keep that intake clear of obstructions. Be careful to keep the decoration’s own fabric spread away from the intake side of the fan while inflating.
  • Guard against wind. Once your piece is inflated, use any included tethers to stake it into position. Anchoring your decorations will help keep them in place in the event of strong winds or storms.
Halloween skeletons on a front porch

If you want to flex your creative muscles a bit more while decorating, invest in a family of Halloween skeletons with glowing LED lights. Their plastic bones make them perfect for decorating inside or out, so create spooky scenes wherever you'd like.

Since no skeleton family is complete without a skeleton pet, make sure to get an animated skeleton cat and something for him to chase after - an animated skeleton rat!

Animated Figures
Animated witch figures with a cauldron

Bring the magic of a haunted house ride to your front yard with animated characters. Available in a variety of sizes and prices, some of these moving animated figures are even pre-lit and come with an ominous soundtrack.

Welcome a group of sisterly witches and their cauldron to your yard or keep your decor more subtle with a Grim Reaper pop-up tombstone or a black cat that watches everyone who crosses his path.

Jack O'Lantern on a table

Of course, any Halloween decorating wouldn't be complete without a traditional Jack-o'-Lantern. Molded, pre-carved pumpkins allow you to decorate year after year with the same Jack-o'-Lanterns minus any mess or rotting. Try one with pre-lit glowing evil eyes.

Halloween tombstones in a front yard

Turn your own front yard into a creepy cemetery, full of ghosts of Trick-or-Treaters past. 

Scatter tombstones throughout your yard - you can get them as a set or find individual headstones to group together. Some have LED lights illuminating the carvings or skeletons decorating the top. Others feature animated characters jumping up behind the headstone. There are even tombstones that blow fog or serve as Bluetooth speakers so you can sync up your smartphone to play scary music.

Take it a step further with a decorative mausoleum setup. Arrange an archway and crypt near the sidewalk for neighbors and visitors alike to enjoy.

Halloween Light Strands
Purple Halloween light strands on a front porch

No home is fully decorated without festive Halloween lights. String lights along your porch that flicker with a skull designs in the center, or look like skulls, spiders or pumpkins. There are even strands that look like dripping blood!

Go beyond the porch by lining your driveway with pre-lit luminary pumpkin bags.

Whether you need the witches, cauldrons or skeletons for your Halloween display, The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them.