Buying Guide

Best Medicine Cabinets for Your Bathroom

A medicine cabinet with wood accents.

Plastic is an economical choice that lasts a long time and is easy to clean. It can only be used in the construction of swing-door cabinets.

Wood cabinets provide a warm, attractive look to any bathroom. Match wood to a nearby vanity for a uniform appearance.

Stainless steel offers strength, beauty and easy maintenance.

A modern medicine cabinet in a bathroom.

Recessed cabinets save space because they are built into the wall. Surface-mounted cabinets should be used when plumbing or electrical wires are located inside the wall. 

Medicine cabinets range from 14” wide x 22” high to 65” wide x 40” high. Choose a cabinet that is proportionate to your sink and vanity.

Medicine Cabinet Styles
Recessed Mount - Medicine Cabinets
Surface Mount - Medicine Cabinets
Feature/Benefits Takes up less space. Provides built-in look. Often has deeper shelves. Easy to install. Available in a range of sizes. Can create a decorative focal point.
Installation Considerations
A medicine cabinet with a light.

Installing a surface-mounted medicine cabinet is relatively simple. Recessed units are a little more complicated to install because of possible plumbing and electrical issues. Make sure you have the right tools on hand before you begin.

  • Basic tools include a tape measure, level, pliers and utility knife.
  • You may also need a drill, stud finder, screwdriver, keyhole or saber saw and a chisel.
  • If installing lights, you will need electrical tape, cable and wire connectors.

Tip: Stylish medicine cabinets can also be installed and used for storage in other parts of the house. 

  • Locks: Look for cabinets featuring locks to prevent access to harmful substances if you have children in your house.
  • Push-Button Doors: Cabinet doors that open at the touch of a button requiring less time cleaning mirrors.
  • Mirrors: Units featuring magnifying mirrors make grooming easier. Premium cabinets may have built-in defoggers to prevent the mirrors from getting steamed up while you’re in the shower.
  • Outlets: Built-in outlets let you plug in your electric razor, heat up a curling iron, or even recharge your cell phone while you’re getting ready for work.
  • Interior Lights: Lights built inside the cabinet makes it easier to quickly see and find what you’re looking for.
  • Corner Cabinets: Fits neatly into any corner of your bathroom if you’re short on wall space.