Buying Guide



When shopping for carpet, always remember to consider the carpet’s weight and fiber, carpet pad options, warranty coverage, financing and installation options. 

Carpet weight and fiber: Ounce weight is the biggest factor in determining the cost of carpet. A lower ounce weight will affect thickness and softness. Durable fibers, such as nylon and polyester, normally are priced higher but you get better carpet for your money.

Carpet pad: A cushion placed beneath the carpet during installation. A higher-quality pad will result in greater comfort and aid in durability.

Warranty coverage: The Home Depot offers lifetime stain warranties, wear warranties of up to 25 years and lifetime installation warranties.

Financing options: Visit for our carpet financing options.

Installation options: The Home Depot offers lifetime installation warranties, and you only will have to pay for the services you need. Furniture moving, removal and disposal are priced separately, so we can customize your installation based on your needs and budget.

Carpet Fibers

Different carpet fibers offer varying levels of durability, stain resistance and fading. Choose from loop, pattern, texture and twist style carpets.

Carpet fibers are the specific type of material that comprises carpet. There are five primary carpet fibers that comprise most carpet types:

Nylon: The most popular fiber that is also the strongest and most durable.

Polyester: Offers superior stain and fade resistance while delivering vibrant coloration.

Triexta: Comprised of 39% corn sugars, which translates to extreme softness.

Olefin: Least expensive carpet fiber that repels UV rays.

Wool: The top carpet fiber with excellent durability and a soft, luxurious feel.

Carpet Types

When deciding upon the type of carpet that is right for your home, keep in mind that whatever type you choose, it will become a focal point for the room where you install it. You can choose to have your carpet accent your décor, or provide contrast, depending on your personal taste.

There are four main carpet types to choose from:

Texture (Saxony/Cut Pile): Offers a smooth surface and traditional look. Great for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways.

Twist (Frieze): Delivers a modern, casual and stylish look with great durability. Recommended for bedrooms, sitting rooms and media rooms.

Loop (Berber): Provides maximum durability for active family rooms and high-traffic areas, such as recreation rooms, basements and workout rooms.

Pattern (Cut & Loop/Sculptured): Offers distinctive looks with patterns for a stunning visual impact. Recommended for formal rooms, dining rooms and basements.