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How to Secure Your Windows

Before Securing Windows
baby leaning on window sill
  • Determine the type of windows in your home that you want to secure and protect.
  • Measure your window glass, sill, trim and frames in preparation for the security installation.
Window Security Bars
person installing exterior window security bars with a drill

Window bars are the most common use of window security on residential or commercial properties. 

  • This is an affordable option to secure your windows.
  • Window security bars, grids or guards come in different materials including plastic, metal and iron bars.
  • More ornate and embellished styles are available to suit your home décor. 

Tip: In case of emergency, there should be one or two windows left without security bar installation.

Window Security Film
a roll of tinted window security film

Installing window security film on windows or door glass pane can help prevent an intruder from trying to break in to your home by smashing or shattering your windows.


  • Films are a quick and inexpensive do-it-yourself option to secure your windows.
  • This type of window security is easy to apply and remove.
  • Window security film can be cut to fit small and large window panes.
  • Long-lasting, strong adhesive keeps window security film attached to glass. 
  • There are several options for window security film material and style – tinted/black, frosted white, decorative or clear.

Tip: Some window film can act as a dual solution for home security and weather protection. Take a look at our guide Best Window Film for Your Home for detailed window film types.

Window Security Locks
window security lock and key

Securing your windows by adding supplemental window locks are a viable alternative to window film, bars or home alarms. 

  • Flip locks are the most common window lock hardware that comes with windows. A turnbuckle replaces this flip lock and requires that you squeeze a lever while turning the latch, or unlock the lever with key, in order to open.
  • Keyed locks are similar to door-bolts and operate with a key.
  • Locking pins can be installed on double-hung windows. The pin goes through one sash and into the next to keep the sash from lifting.
  • Hinged wedge locks keep the window track in place on a double-hung window. The wedge can be positioned to allow the window to open and be raised freely. 
  • Ventilating locks screw into a sash and have a pin that can slide according to how high you want to raise the window.
Unbreakable Window Glass
hammer breaking window glass

Shatter-resistant window glass comes in different glass-like materials like polycarbonate, plastic or acrylic. With the ability to resist high impact, many of these sheets are stronger than glass and provide protection from vandalism and break-ins.

  • Lightweight, glass-like material is easy to install.
  • Provides long-lasting use and reliability.
  • Cuts easily to fit any window or glass pane using a blade or saw. 
Other Products for Securing Windows
motion lighting in driveway at night with basketball hoop

There are several additional window security products that can be found at The Home Depot. Explore below for a few more choices in window security.


  • Impact-Resistant Windows: These are high-quality glass block windows that are easy-to-install. Because of the weight of the glass block, this option results in a more secure window that cannot be easily broken.
  • Flood Lights: Well-lit environments typically discourage burglars. Flood lights give the impression that the home is occupied. With the addition of a motion sensor, you can be more aware when someone is approaching at night and can respond appropriately. 
  • Window Security Screens: Strong window security screens can help reinforce your window security. Frames are reinforced and screens are coated with steel, and pre-framed window screens come ready-to-install.
  • Window Stops: Similar to door stops, these are larger, firmer mouldings or mechanisms that stop intruders from opening windows externally. These stops can also act as reinforcement for child locks on windows.

Window security does not have to end at a specific type of mechanism. Simply adding thorn bushes and plants from The Home Depot Garden Center near your windows can beautify your outdoor areas and significantly repel intruders.