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How to Use a Pizza Stone

How to Use a Pizza Stone in an Oven
Empty black pizza stone surrounded by pizza ingredients

Pizza stones can be used in an oven or on a grill. Most pizza stones don't require a seasoning step. If yours does, rub about a tablespoon of vegetable oil all over it before putting it in the oven to preheat. Here's basic directions on how to use your pizza stone in an oven:

  • Start by preheating your pizza stone. Place your stone on a low rack in a cold oven and set the oven at its highest temperature. Do not put a cold stone into a hot oven. It may crack the stone.
  • Let the stone sit in the hot oven at least an hour until the pizza stone's temperature reaches around 550 degrees. 
  • Using a pizza peel, place a thawed frozen pizza or freshly-made pizza directly onto the stone. Pizza tools like a pizza peel making putting in and pulling out a pizza from an oven easier. 
  • Cook the pizza with the oven door closed for about 5-6 minutes. 
  • Turn the pizza on the stone using a pizza peel and cook another 6-7 minutes. 

Tip:   Before placing your pizza on the stone, dust the stone lightly with cornmeal to help prevent any sticking.

How to Use a Pizza Stone On a Grill
Pizza on a pizza stone on top of a gas grill

Whether you use charcoal or gas, grilling on a pizza stone will give your finished pie a smoky flavor and beautifully browned crust. You don't need a special grilling pizza stone to cook your pizza on a grill, any quality stone will do.

  • Make sure the grill is cold and place your stone on the top rack.
  • Close the grill and preheat the stone for at least an hour. 
  • Place your dough, sauce and toppings on the pizza stone. 
  • Cook your pie with indirect heat by turning off one side of a gas grill or moving the embers to one side of the grill. 
  • Keep the mood casual by using your pizza stone to serve. Just make sure to place it on a heat-resistant coaster or pad.

Tip: Pizza cooks quickly on a grill. Use a pizza peel to turn the pie around often to avoid burning it.

More Pizza Stone Uses
Baked bread on pizza stone with handles

You can do more than just cooking pizza on a stone. When a pizza stone is preheated properly, it takes the moisture out of dough, helping it cook evenly and creating a toasty crust. Bread, cookies, muffins, quesadillas and almost any food made from dough or batter will cook perfectly on a preheated pizza stone.  

Tip: There are a few things to know about how to clean a pizza stone. Never use cold water to clean a hot pizza stone. It may crack. Instead use hot water and a grill brush to remove residue from your stone and let it air dry.