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How to Create & Save Lists


Create multiple lists of products to help you stay organized, prepare bids and reorder frequently needed items, fast.  



Step 1:

To create a list, visit the “Account” tab on the bottom navigation.

Step 1


Step 2:

Scroll to view the "Recent Lists" pod, and select "Create a New List".

Note: You can also view recently saved lists.

Step 2


Step 3:

On the "My Lists" page you are able to select "Create Lists", or view previously created lists. You can save lists based on PO number, product types or job name.

Step 3


Step 4:

Select "More Options" if you would like to delete a list you have created. Or, select “View List” to view the list's settings and add items.

Step 4


Step 5:

In the list settings, add items to your created lists as you're shopping in stores or online. Scan the bar code or search for the product in the search bar. You can also view the store mapping for items added to your list or change the list privacy settings.

Step 5



On the app, add items to your list by selecting the heart icon. To add an existing list, choose “My Account” and select a list.

Step 6


Step 7:

A confirmation box will appear to show that the product has been added successfully.

Step 7


Step 8:

Select “Add to Cart” to continue to purchase or select “More Options” to delete the product from the list.

Step 8


If you have questions about Lists or your account, please call Pro Customer Support at 1-800-525-5000.