How To Add Mulch to Your Plants

2-4 hours

Adding mulch to your garden is easy, inexpensive and helps protect your plants and flowers


Use mulch in your garden to enrich soil, protect against extreme temperatures, prevent weeds and conserve moisture.

This guide shows you how to efficiently add mulch to your garden.


Choose mulch
Choose mulch - Add Mulch Your Plants

• Organic options include wood and bark chips, and pine straw (easy to spread and maintain). Organic mulch is great for retaining moisture and preventing weeds.
• Inorganic options include shredded recycled rubber tire nuggets and plastic sheeting. They save landfills from extra waste and serve as a barrier from weeds.
• Landscape fabric can be laid around existing plants and trees. It allows moisture and air to reach the soil and provides a long-term, inorganic option.

Water plants and trees
Water plants and trees  - Add Mulch Your Plants

If you already have plants or trees in the area you plan to mulch, be sure to water them first before spreading your mulch. Also remove any weeds in the area now.

Spread and rake mulch
Spread and rake mulch - Add Mulch Your Plants

• Keep the depth of the mulch between 2 and 4 inches. Leave an inch or so of space surrounding plants to prevent diseases or excessive humidity.
• Install edging before spreading mulch if you think a border would add charm to your yard or garden.
• Even out your mulch with a garden rake or by hand to create the look you desire.