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Build a DIY Kids Sprinkler

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Gather Materials
Materials needed for a DIY Kids Sprinkler.

To complete the project, you need eight 10-foot lengths of 1/2 -inch PVC pipe and an assortment of PVC pipe connectors. For the pictured configuration, you’ll need 10 elbows, 10 tees, 4 4-way connectors, a hose adapter, PVC cement, misting spray jets and pool noodles.

You’ll use a power drill and a PVC cutter or hacksaw in the build. Don’t forget to put on protective eyewear as you work with the tools.

Measure and Cut PVC Pipe
An adult helping a child cut PVC pipe.
  • Use a tape measure and mark off 30-inch sections on each PVC pipe. 
  • Use a ratcheting PVC pipe cutter or a hack saw and cut the pipe at each mark.
  • You will wind up with 32 30-inch long pieces. 
Lay Out a Design
A person laying out a design for a DIY Kids Sprinkler.

Lay out a configuration for the two side walls of the structure. This makes it easy to see which connectors to use to join the various parts. Let the kids help with the design. 

Tip: Remember that the designs of the two sides will have to match and to leave the bottom corner of one side open to connect to the hose.

Connect Pipe Sections With Fittings
A person connecting PVC pipes with connectors.
  • In a well-ventilated area, use all-purpose PVC cement to join the side wall parts together with the elbows, tees and 4-way connectors. 
  • Apply the PVC cement to the inside of the connectors and push the pipes in. 
  • Let the cement dry for 15 minutes.
Mark Sprinkler Holes
A person marking drill holes in a PVC pipe.

Decide where the holes in the pipes should be. Then, use a tape measure to mark off a hole at about every 6 inches along the pipe.

Drill Sprinkler Holes
A person drilling holes in a PVC pipe.

Use a drill to drill into the pipe at each mark. Be careful not to drill all the way through the pipe.

Add Misters (optional)
An image of a person holding misters and hammering misters into a PVC pipe.

As an option, you can add misters in some places along the pipe. 

Position the mister head into a drilled hole.

Tap gently with a mallet until the mister is securely in the hole. 

Tip: Misters will work better if you have high water pressure or you are creating a small structure.

Complete the Top Section
A person connects the top bars of a DIY kids sprinkler.
  • Once the side walls are assembled, stand them up and join them together with the top bars and elbow fittings.
  • Use the drill to add sprinkler holes overhead to the top bars. Be careful not to drill all the way through the pipe.

Tip: Do not use cement to join the top bars with the side structures. This will make it easy to dismantle the sprinkler and store it flat at the end of the season. 

Attach Pool Noodles (optional)
A child placing pool noodle bumpers on a DIY kids sprinklers.

Use pool noodles to make decorative bumpers on the sides of the sprinkler.

  • Cut down the middle of one side of a pool noodle to make a pipe sleeve. Repeat as desired.
  • Slip the noodles around the pipes in various spots. Be sure not to block the holes. 
Anchor to Lawn
A person anchoring a DIY kids sprinkler to a lawn with a U-bolt.

Using U-straps, anchor the sprinkler to the lawn at several places along the bottom pipe on both sides.

Just Add Water!
Kids running through a DIY kids sprinkler.

Add the hose adapter to the hose and connect the water hose to the open corner of the sprinkler. Then turn on the water and have a blast beating the heat! 

A DIY Sprinkler makes a great project for the family to tackle together. It is easy to do, helps teach great tool skills and when you are done, the kids can enjoy afternoons of water fun.

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