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Citrus Tree Problems: How to Check for Health

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Check the Trunk

Check the trunk of the tree for signs of fungus or injury. Remove weeds growing within 2’ of the trunk.

Paint the Trunk

Paint the trunks of young trees with white latex paint to deter ants and reflect strong sun. 

Dig a Trench

Use a hoe to dig a 2” deep circular trench under the drip line of the tree. Think of the tree as an umbrella — the drip line is the outer circle where the tree sheds rain to the soil below. Fill the trench with water, allow time for the water to soak in, and then refill it a second time. Do this once a week unless you’ve experienced substantial rainfall prior to your scheduled watering day. 

Apply Fertilizer

Apply a light layer of high-nitrogen fertilizer formulated for citrus once the tree begins to flower.  

Apply a Micronutrient Spray

Use a micronutrient spray that contains essential nutrients such as boron and zinc on leaves once the tree begins to flower. The trees absorb nutrients better when they are applied to the soil and leaves.