Project Guide

DIY Spice Rack

Measure and Mark
Measure and mark

Measure and mark cuts on the 1- x 4-inch x 8-foot common board according to the cut list.

  • Seven 12-inch pieces
  • One 1 3/8-inch piece
  • One 3 ½-inch piece
  • One 5 5/8-inch piece
Consult the Cut Diagram
Build the support
  • Seven 12-inch pieces 
  • One 1 3/8-inch piece 
  • One 3 ½-inch piece 
  • One 5 5/8-inch piece
Make the Cuts
  • Use a circular saw to make the straight cuts on the board. 
  • Smooth any rough edges with a sanding block.
Stain or Paint Boards
Stain or paint boards

Stain or paint boards prior to assembly if desired. 

Assemble the Spice Rack
Build a small staircase-like structure by attaching pieces together/Small staircase-like structure

Using the seven 12-inch pieces, build a small staircase-like structure by attaching pieces together with the brad nailer. 

Build the Support
Build the Support/Spice Rack
  • Create the stand by placing the three remaining cut pieces vertically and centered on the underside of the spice rack.
  • Each piece should fit flush underneath the three main shelves.
  • Secure with brad nails through the spice rack and into the support pieces.
Set Up Your Spice Rack
A DIY spice rack on a counter

Set up your spice rack on a section of counter near your prep area. Fill the rack with matching decorative spice bottles to highlight the functional beauty of your project.