Project Guide

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Fix a Wheel That Gets Stuck or Binds in the Track
Fix wheel gets stuck - Garage Door Maintenance Tips
  • Reduce the friction between the door and the track by adjusting the track brackets.
  • Loosen the nuts that hold the brackets to the door frame, and then make sure there’s about ¼ - ½ inch of play between the door and the tracks.
Reduce Friction Between the Door and the Door Stop
Reduce friction between door - Garage Door Maintenance Tips
  • Adjusting the track brackets can also reduce friction between the door and the door stop.
  • To adjust the track brackets, loosen the nuts that hold the track to the brackets, and move the track until the door doesn’t bind.
Adjust the Opening and Closing Speed
Adjust opening closing speed - Garage Door Maintenance Tips
  • If the garage door opens too fast or slowly, adjust the spring tension.
  • Block the door open with a pair of locking pliers, and then change the position of the S-hook on the track brace.