Project Guide

Grow a Bouquet of Beautiful Basil

Sow Seeds

Sow seeds directly into a 12 inch container with drainage holes in the bottom. The seeds will sprout quickly under warm conditions. Keep the surface from drying out by placing the pot in a shady spot until the seeds germinate.

Cut Stems

Cut stems without flower buds 6 inches long and trim off all but the top three or four leaves. Submerge stems in a dark-colored vase filled with water. Keep it in a warm place, near a bright window indoors. Cuttings are ready to plant when the roots are ½ inches long.

Separate and Transplant

Separate and transplant crowded seedlings into individual containers. Water well and keep in a shady place for a few days.

Pot Up Basil

For a container of three plants, choose a pot at least 12 inches wide with drainage holes in the bottom. Fill the pot halfway with potting soil. Arrange three plants in a triangle in the pot. Add soil to cover the plants’ roots, press them in place, and add additional soil to level the surface.

Place in the Sun

Keep your bouquet of basil in a sunny spot on your deck or patio, so it’s always handy when you need a sprig of everyone’s favorite herb.


Before the first frost, bring your container indoors and place in a sunny window.