Project Guide

How to Make a Table From A Wooden Crate

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Gather and Measure
A plywood board and a PVC pipe showing the pieces needed to build a DIY crate table.

For this project, you'll need a large wooden storage crate, plywood, PVC pipe, wood stain and spray paint.  

  • Measure and mark out a 9.5-inch x 18-inch board on a 2- x 2-foot 23/32-inch piece of plywood. 
  • Measure and mark out 4 10.5-inch legs on a 10-foot length of ¾-inch PVC pipe. 
  • Measure and mark out 2 6-inch supports on a 10-foot length of ¾-inch PVC pipe.

Tip: Before you start to build your table, stain the wood crate and allow it to fully dry.

Cut and Sand
A Home Depot Associate sands the edges of a plywood board for a DIY crate table.
  • Use a circular saw to cut out the 9.5-inch x 18-inch piece of plywood.
  • Use a ratcheting PVC cutter or hacksaw to cut 4 10.5-inch legs and 2 6-inch supports from the PVC pipe.
  • Use a sanding block to smooth any rough edges.
  • Apply wood stain to the cut plywood board and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Drill Holes for Table Legs
A Home Depot Associate drills holes into a board for a DIY crate end table.
  • Mark 1-inch in from each side of the plywood board. 
  • Make a mark in each corner of the plywood board.
  • Carefully drill a hole for the legs on each mark using a 1-inch spade bit.

Attach Bottom Board to Wood Crate
A Home Depot Associate attached bottom board to wood crate using wood screws.
  • Mark holes 3/8-inch in on the short side of the plywood and 3 ½-inch in from each side.
  • Using the 1/8-inch drill bit, pre-drill the holes before assembling.
  • Place the plywood on one side of the crate and secure using 2-inch wood screws.
Paint and Attach PVC Table Legs
A Home Depot Associate spray paints the PVC leg pieces for a DIY crate table.
  • Spray paint the PVC parts and allow them to fully dry.
  • Apply adhesive on the PVC pipe threads. 
  • Apply adhesive inside the 1-inch holes you drilled.
  • Push and twist the PVC pipe male adapters into place.
  • Build two “U” shapes with PVC pipes by placing the 6-inch pieces between two elbows and attaching two 10 ½-inch pieces into each remaining elbow hole.
  • Glue each joint.
  • Glue the 10 ½-inch pipes into the mounted male adapters.