Project Guide

How to Build a Cube Organizer

Cut List
A diagram that illustrates the cut measurements on a common board.

A 1-inch x 12-inch x 8-foot common board will serve as all the wood you need for this project. You will need to cut two 24 3/4-inch sections, two 17-inch sections and one 12-inch section. There should be approximately one half-inch length of common board left over.

Measure and Mark
A woman uses a measuring tape and pencil to mark cuts on a wood board.

Using a measuring tape and pencil, measure and mark the cuts on the wood, per the cut list.  

Tip: Cut one piece at a time, then use the cut piece to measure and mark the next piece of the same size to ensure they are of correct, equal size.

Cut the Boards
A woman uses a circle saw to cut a wood board.
  • Once the cuts are made, sand the cut edges and any other rough sections with a sanding block.
Stain or Paint the Boards (Optional)
A woman paints a cut wood board.
  • Follow the stain or paint manufacturer’s directions for exact dry times.
Assemble the Cube Organizer
A woman uses a power drill to screw together wood boards into a cube organizer.
  • Stand one 24 3/4-inch board the 17-inch boards so that it is flush with the ends of the 17-inch boards. 
  • Pre-drill holes through the 17-inch boards into the 24 3/4-inch board, and then secure the boards with wood screws. 
  • Position the remaining 24 3/4-inch board so that it is between the 17-inch boards and 12-inches below the other 24 3/4-inch board. Use the 12-inch board that will serve as the divider to help you measure the distance between the boards. 
  • Pre-drill through the 17-inch boards and secure the second 24 3/4-inch board with wood screws. 
  • Place the 12-inch divider board vertically in the center of the bench.  
  • Pre-drill and secure the divider with wood screws through the top and bottom of the 24 3/4-inch boards.
Add Storage Cubes and Enjoy
A cube organizer with two fabric cubes sits in a home entryway.
  • Decorate the top of your new cube organizer with a table lamp, plants or other home decor.

For more projects like this one, sign up for a DIY workshop at The Home Depot nearest you.