Project Guide

How to Create a Succulent Birdbath Planter

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Mix Perlite and Potting Mix
Gardener stirring perlite and potting mix in bird bath

Mix equal parts perlite and potting mix; fill bird bath roughly 3/4 full with soil mixture.

Plant Succulents
Succulents in a bird bath
  • Use a trowel to make enough holes in the potting mixture to accommodate the number of plants. 
  • Leave 2 to 3 inches of space between each plant. 
  • Plant succulents inside bird bath, making holes with trowel for each plant.
Fill in Planter
Succulents in a bird bath
  • Carefully place one succulent into each plant hole. 
  • Be sure not to break or cut any of the plant roots.
Fill in Soil
Succulents in a bird bath

Fill remaining space around succulents with soil mixture and top with pebbles.

Watering Plants
Succulents in a bird bath with a watering can
  • Water the succulents and repeat weekly. 
  • Make sure to let succulents dry completely as they are prone to overwatering.