Project Guide

How to Decorate a Pumpkin

Gather Tools and Materials
Whole pumpkins with an array of craft supplies like paint, glitter and glue.
  • Choose several real or artificial pumpkins for your projects in a variety of sizes as it suits your decor.
  • Set up a drop cloth to protect your crafting surface.
  • Collect craft glue, painter's tape, a low-temperature glue gun with glue sticks, and a number of paint brushes and stencil sponges.
  • Collect various colors of spray paint, acrylic craft paint, paint pens, permanent markers and washable markers.
  • Gather craft embellishments as needed, including tissue, construction and wrapping papers, ribbon, rick rack, loose and ribbon rhinestones, stickers, self-adhesive stencils, and other decorative materials.
Paint the Pumpkins
Painting a small whole pumpkin with decorative polka dots in bright blue.
  • Before applying any paint, wipe the entire surface of the pumpkin with a damp cloth and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Use non-toxic spray paint to cover large areas; detail work and stencils can be filled in with acrylic paints and brushes or sponges.
  • Apply paint in light coats. Do not overspray or cake up paint on the pumpkin surface.
  • Allow 20 minutes of drying time between coats of paint.
  • Use painter's tape to mask off areas of the pumpkin for color-blocking.
  • Let the final project dry for 24 hours before setting it up for display.
  • Use stencils to paint more complex art. 

Tip: Adhesive stencils can be smoothed onto the surface and will stay in place while you paint. Use painter's tape to hold non-adhesive stencils in place to avoid damaging a painted background.

Some creative design ideas:

  • Cover the pumpkin with dark paint. Allow to partially dry and then use a blunt tool, such as a spoon handle or a wooden chopstick to scratch designs into the paint.
  • Color block the pumpkin and paint with white and yellow to mimic candy corn.
  • Paint the surface with a solid color. Once it has dried, paint designs on the surface with glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • Paint a jack-o'-lantern face onto the pumpkin instead of carving it.
Draw Designs
Pumpkin with wording stenciled on as decor.
  • Choose a pumpkin with the smoothest surface you can when drawing designs. An artificial pumpkin is recommended if truly smooth surfaces are desired.
  • Sketch out designs with chalk or washable marker first, remembering that you will able to wipe away mistakes.
  • When you have settled on a pattern or lettering, trace with permanent marker or use paint pens with fine or medium points as the design calls for.
  • For a higher contrast, paint the surface of the pumpkin and let it dry for 24 hours, then draw on the designs or lettering.

Some creative design ideas:

  • Create an erasable pumpkin by painting the face with chalkboard paint. Use chalk or chalk paint markers to create designs that you can change throughout the season.
  • Collect several pumpkins of similar size and draw one letter on each to spell out a word.
  • Mix geometric designs with hand lettering in complementary colors.
Add Embellishments
A pumpkin looks very stylish with ribbon and fabric decorating the exterior.

Use embellishments to dress up a pumpkin. Craft glue works well for lighter materials like paper, lace or leaves. For heavier items such as rhinestones, buttons and decorative cord, use a low-temperature glue gun to affix materials.

Some creative design ideas:

  • Starting at the base of the pumpkin, glue ribbon or cord along the ribs up toward the stem. Wrap the excess ribbon in a twist or bow around the stem and glue in place.
  • Cut out fall shapes in tissue or construction paper and glue them to the surface of the pumpkin. Place a small ball of tissue paper under the center of each shape and glue around the edges for a 3D look.
  • Purchase wrapping paper with fall designs and use it to decoupage a pumpkin. Cut out the designs, affix to the pumpkin with decoupage glue, then apply a sealing coat of glue over the entire surface.
  • Decorative gold leaf adds shimmer and interest to any design. Paint a thin layer of glue over a spot you wish to highlight, then carefully apply a bit of gold leaf, using a soft brush to smooth it down. Let it dry completely then lightly rub the area with a soft cloth to bring out more shine.

Decorate pumpkins without carving and avoid the traditional fall pumpkin decorating mess. These ideas will take your pumpkin decorating and fall decor up a notch without one cut.  

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