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How to Make a 90-Degree Rumblestone Planter

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Prep Your Yard

Create a smooth, level space to begin building your planter.

Shape the First Level
  • Once you’ve created your work area, bring the stones into your workspace to begin building your planter. 
  • Start in the back corner with a medium stone and lay out the stones in an “L” or 90-degree shape.
Build the next Three Levels
  • Arrange the stones into the shape of your planter. 
  • Once you’ve positioned the first stones, begin building on the lower layer of stones using the caulk gun to adhere the stones together as you build the planter.
Building the Final Level

Keep stacking the stones the same way you have been and use the caulk to adhere them.

Fill Planter

Once you get the planter built, go ahead and plant your flowers and enjoy!