Project Guide

How to Make a Charging Station

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Consult the Cut List
A cut list for building a charging station.

Using the measuring tape, measure and mark cuts on the wood according to this cut list:

  • Base: 12- X 3-inches
  • Lid Lip: 12- X 3-inches
  • Lid: 13- X 4 -inches
  • Side: 13- X 5-inches
  • Side: 13- X 5-inches
Measure and Mark the Wood
A woman measuring a piece of wood.
  • On the 13- x 5-inch side pieces, mark the center of three holes centered and 3-1 ⁄4-inches apart.
  • On one of the 3- x 5-inch ends, mark a 1 ⁄2-inch hole one inch from one of the short sides.
  • Connect the hole to the opposite end to create a slot.

TIP: Cut pieces one at a time. Then measure and mark the next piece off the remaining scrap to ensure that all pieces are correct in size.

Cut the Wood
A woman cutting wood with a circular saw.

Use a circular saw to make the cuts on the wood. 

TIP: Use sanding block to smooth any rough edges.

Drill the Boards
A woman drilling into wood.
  • For the holes, use a drill and a 1inch drill bit for the 6 side holes.
  • For the slot, use a 1 ⁄2- inch drill bit for the hole and use a jig saw to connect the hole to the end to create the slot.
Stain or Paint the Boards
A woman stating a piece of wood.

Stain or paint the boards prior to assembly, if desired.

Assemble the Box
A woman using putting nails into a box with an electric nail gun.
  • Stand end pieces vertically perpendicular to the base piece (next to it, not on top of it) with the slot facing up.
  • Attach with 1-1 ⁄4-inch brad nails into base.
  • Place sides next to the base piece and align so everything is flush.
  • Attach with 1-1 ⁄4 inch brad nails into base and end pieces.
Build the Lid
A woman putting a nail into a piece of wood with an electric nail gun.

Place lid lip centered on top of the lid and attach with 3 ⁄4-inch brad nails.

Complete the Charging Station
A woman putting a cord through a slot in a wood box.
  • Insert power strip with cord through the slot and run desired cable, cords or chargers out through the holes.
  • Place lid on top to conceal the cords.
A wood charging station next to a lamp on a table

Set up your new charging station and enjoy the convenience of refueling all your devices in one place.

This simple charging station project will keep your smart device cords in order and it makes an attractive tabletop accessory. Visit your local Home Depot for more DIY projects for the home.