Project Guide

How to Make a Gravestone Candy Box

Measure and Mark
A woman's hands measuring and marking on plywood
  • Measure and mark cuts on the plywood according to the cut list and diagram in Step 2.
  • To get a rounded shape on the top of the gravestone, tap a nail into the center of the gravestone 10 inches down from the top.
  • Tie a string from the nail to a pencil to create a makeshift compass, then draw rounded edges along the top edge of the 16- x 24-inch segment of plywood.
Follow the Cut List
Diagram that shows the cut list
  • One gravestone shape: 16- x 24-inch plywood with top rounded edges
  • 16 x 3 ½-inch box front
  • 15 x 3 ½-inch box bottom
  • Two 3 ½- x 3 ½-inch box sides
Cut the Wood
A woman using a jigsaw to cut into plywood
  • Use a circular saw to make the long straight cuts on the plywood and a jigsaw for the curved cuts.
  • Use the sanding block to smooth any rough edges.
Paint or Stain Wood
A woman painting the plywood

Paint or stain all cut pieces prior to assembly.

Attach Box Bottom
A woman using a nailer to attach the box bottom
  • Hold the box sides up against the box front so that the edges are flush.
  • Attach with nailer.
  • Repeat on opposite side of box front.
  • Stand the box front up and place the sides so that they are between the gravestone back and the front.
  • Secure with a nailer through the back of the gravestone.
Attach Box Sides
A woman using a nailer to attach the box sides
  • Place box bottom in between all other sides and press so that it is flush.
  • Secure with nailer.
Attach Box Decor
A woman admiring her completed gravestone candy box

Use the nailer or a hot glue gun to attach the bones as desired to make your haunted candy box.