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How to Make a Holiday Evergreen Chandelier

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Tie Ribbon on Wreath Frame
Red ribbon tied onto a wreath frame.

Tip: Err on the longer side when cutting the ribbon. It’s easier to trim off the excess later. 

Bundle & Tie Greenery
A bundle of greenery tied to a floral frame.

Make a small bundle of greenery in a fan shape. Be sure to layer different types of greenery together to add color and texture to the wreath. Use green floral or paddle wire to secure the bundle to the edge of the wreath form. Keep the paddle wire attached.

Layer Bundles
Several bundles of greenery tied to a wreath frame.

Form another bundle of greenery. Slightly overlap it across the end of the first bundle. Wire it in place. Repeat.

Fill Wreath Form
A wreath made with fresh greenery.

Continue around the wreath form with bundled greenery until you've completed the circle. Tuck the first bundle under the last one to finish off the wreath. Snip off any distracting pieces.

Add Pinecones
Someone attaching a pinecone to a wreath.

Hang the chandelier by tying the ribbon in an overhand knot at the top. Make sure the chandelier hangs level before cutting the ribbons and tying the nte

Making a holiday evergreen hanging chandelier is a fragrant, fun craft. It only takes a few tools, materials and very little time. A DIY holiday evergreen wreath will last for a couple of weeks. Keep the greenery from drying out. Lightly spritz with water daily. Never use open flame candles for this project. Turn off the flameless candles when not in use. 

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