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How to Make a Solar Oven

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Draw Lines
A person drawing lines on a pizza box.

Draw lines on the pizza box to form a square on the lid.

A man cutting into a pizza box while a young girl watches.

Cut the pizza box along the drawn lines.

Install Foil
A girl unrolling foil into an open pizza box.

Install foil in the bottom of the pizza box and tape down the edges of the foil.

A girl applying glue to cardboard paper.

Glue down some black construction paper.

Two people adjusting foil in a pizza box.

Cut and glue reflective insulation onto the lid.

Wrap Lid
Two people adding tape to the inside of a pizza box.

Install plastic wrap on the underside and top of the pizza box lid.

Cut the Plate
A man setting marshmallows into a foiled pizza box.

Cut the paper plate and place the marshmallows on the plate.

Prop the Lid
A person placing a pencil to prop open a lid of a homemade solar oven.

Install a stick to hold the lid up.

A person pulling apart marshmallows in a homemade solar oven.

Preheat the oven for 30 to 40 minutes outside.

A homemade solar oven surrounded tape, glue and other craft supplies.

Place marshmallows in your solar oven and cook for 20 to 30 minutes until melted. Enjoy your homemade treats!

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