Project Guide

Make Dried Flower Christmas Ornaments


How to Make Dried Rose Christmas Tree Ornaments

Spray the roses lightly with red spray paint to give them a more vibrant,  festive color.

Make an Ornament Hanger

Cut an 8 inch length of ribbon and loop it through the top of the fillable ball. Tie it off in a neat knot. This will be the hanger for the tree.

Glue Dried Flowers

Cut a length of green wire to the diameter of the ball (3 inches or 4 inches) Hot glue a small piece of Spanish moss to the middle of the back side of the wire. Hot glue the dried rose to the middle of the wire in front of the moss. Glue several small pieces of Baby’s Breath on and around the rose. Either make a little loop on the bottom of the wire to hold the tiny ball, or hot glue it to the bottom of the wire.

Glue the Wire

Finally, hot glue the top end of the wire to the top side of one half of the ball, in and under the ball cap. Hot glue the bottom end of the wire with the ball to the inside bottom of the same half of the  ball. Close the ball and you’re done. So easy! So beautiful!

Special thanks to Ellen Bowman for her assistance with this series. Ellen has sold her dried arrangements at art shows and craft fairs all across New York and North Carolina. Visit her at Dry Your Own Flowers.